Career Growth for Women Unwilling to Compromise

“Sheeba Forbes is the leading career expert for women in the #MeToo Era!”

– Karen Leland, Best Selling Author

Self Awareness

About Sheeba

For the past 15 years Sheeba as an Executive Life Coach and Principal of Forward Focus Inc. has been focused on CEO's and Senior Executives globally. Using proprietary psychometric technology to inform the process scientifically and objectively, her process is unique and results focused. Her organization provides extensive, high level insights into the most strategic part of any business, its people.


Sheeba's experience in Training & Development with Dale Carnegie™, and the Sandler Sales Institute, along with her own success in Sales, feeds her drive to always annihilate goals.  


Ms. Forbes has been profiled by Regional and National Media. Her involvement as a Member of the Prime Minister of Canada's Task Force on Women Entrepreneurs, allows her to use her innovative skill base to champion change and progress. She is fearless in helping her clients confront the "tough issues" and is not shy in challenging beliefs, motives, and perceived barriers to goals that most people naturally hide from.


Sheeba’s #MeToo story

See the story that generated over 5,000 likes on Facebook and inspired thousands of women...


#MeToo Updates

Thoughts on Bill Cosby

The next time someone says #MeToo goes too far and women need to "settle down" remind them Bill Cosby is the only actual conviction so far...


#Times Up…… Tony Robbins

#TonyRobbins normalized a discussion with a “very famous man, very powerful man”, whom he said illegally passed on hiring a woman because he found her attractive, despite the fact that the woman was the most qualified candidate.


Career Wisdom for A #MeToo Era be enlightened is to be blessed with belief in the power of human reason. When our actions reflect an enlightened mind we are living in integrity to our beliefs.

Dare to up your game and live with enlightenment: believe what you believe.

Don't let anyone tell you to "just get over it" when sexual harassment has been used again you in any form. If it has damaged your personal or professional life, don't them them silence you! #metoo #TimesUp


Sheeba has spoken in the U.S. and Canada some of her topics include

Inside Out

5 keys to profound self-awareness to spur career growth

You First

Strategies for realizing career success on your own terms, without compromise, in the #MeToo era

Helping Male Leaders Get It Right

Lessons learned from Tony Robbins debacle and others amid the #MeToo movement

Personal Potential

How to identify and leverage your strengths, blindspots and values to achieve success.  

Self Care

How to effectively determine what YOU really want ... and develop a plan to get it

Your Purpose and Your Career

Ways to have a career that makes the world a better place


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